Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why I Run

OK, I admit, I'm a Runner.

Frankly Runner.

According to Wiktionary "frankly" means 
  1. (manner) in a frankopen or (too) honest manner.
    He spoke frankly about the economy.

  2. (speech act) In truthto tell the truth.
    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

To start with the latter, if its about running, frankly, my dear, I do give a damn. 
And while I might also speak or write frankly about the economy - its all about economy, isn't it stupid? - I will mostly write frankly about running, in a frank, open and sometimes even too honest manner.

This blog will take over from my Running Diaries, which I started publishing more than a year ago and just having released the third edition.

While Running Diaries were spanning periods of 6 or more months, the blog will play shorter on the ball. The blog also allows to write frankly about other important matters in (my) life, from family to  world economy.

Now back to running and how it all started.

I ran my first race, a 10k, back in 2005, when I turned 42. 
A terrifying experience; thought I would cough up my lungs.
Astma you know.
In 2006 I moved from Belgium to Kosovo. 
To escape the poluted air downtown Prishtina, I started running uphill, gasping for fresher air op there. 
I ran my first half marathon and started to dream about running a full marathon.
In 2007 I ran my first marathon, in Radenska, Slovenia. 
Since then, I ran more than 25 marathons, many more half marathons.
In 2008 I ran my first ultra-mountain marathon, on the brutally steep slopes of Mount Olympus. 
Since then, I ran half a dozen ultra-marathons, and more are on the brink.

To conclude this intro:

Why Running?
Why running that far, that fast? 
Why running nearly daily the whole year round? 
Why running on mountains and rocky trails?
Why running in clogged cities on broken pavements?
Why running on Sunday mornings?
Why running in heat and cold, rain and snow, dust and mud?
Why running into stray dogs?
Why running to the point of exhaustion?
Why running through pain? 
The most existential response is simply: 
because I can! 
Because We all can!

Because we humans are made for running.
Because we are born with the best buttocks of any species.
Because running makes us more human.
Because we can run anywhere at any time, even bare naked. 
Because running is more healthy and fun than growing a belly. 
Because running is about exploring mother earths most intimate places. 
Because running is about exploring and pushing your limits. 
Because running is about setting and realizing ambitious goals.
Because running is about the kick of crossing finish lines. 
Because running boosts self-confidence but also humbles. 
Because running is about exploring your emotions.
Because running is about turning pain into pleasure.
Because running liberates, as much as flying does for birds (I guess). 
Because running is fun.


  1. Excellent post Frank! Welcome to blogger. See you soon in one of those runs! Check out my version of "Why I run" -

  2. Tnx Leo and sure I followed your blog on same topic. But honestly, I wrote mine already months ago so its not that I wanted to copy you! Anaway, we have similar but also personal reasons why we run, isnt it.